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Digital and WordPress Specialist, Speaker – Meet Dr. Sue Polinsky

Digital Specialist & Consultant

I founded – and am now retired from – one of the the oldest woman-owned web development agencies in the southeast. For 24 years, I led the team that built, fixed, customized and redesigned business and nonprofit websites across the U.S.

Nonprofit Wiz

I’ve worked with nonprofits across the country for years. I’ve written best practices and conducted webinars for 501(c)(3) nonprofits. I also know where the “free stuff’ is!

WordPress Trainer

I train people of every technical capability how to edit and update their WordPress websites. I can help audit your site, too.

Website Diagnostician

Although I don’t build websites anymore, I can help diagnose WordPress website problems and get you to the right group to fix your site.

Legal Consultant

I am a technical “expert” for depositions. I help translate and explain “geek speak” in understandable English so you can ask better questions in discovery.

eBook Editor & Readying for Publishing

I develop eBook templates and help budding authors get their ebooks ready to publish. See more about I can help you “GetMeOnline!

Sue Polinsky, Digital Specialist

GOT A GREAT EBOOK IDEA? I’ve edited and helped publish eBooks and can help with yours. I can show you how to market your book on social media and your website to increase sales.

WEBSITE PROBLEMS? With 24 years of online experience, I can usually figure out your site’s problem and get you to the team to fix it.

I work with agencies and teams that build great websites, fix broken ones – and do regular WordPress maintenance – so you can focus on your regular job. My recommendations are FREE to you!

LEGAL ISSUES? I’m a great deposition or trial witness who can explain technical points in easy-to-understand language.

Digital Technologist for 24 years

Sue Polinsky Helps with eBooks, Consulting, Website Troubleshooting

Who is Sue Polinsky and What Do They Say About Her?

Digital Consultant & Online Maven

I’m Sue Polinsky and am happy to meet you! I’ve been a WordPress and digital strategist for more than 24 years.

I have extensive experience with WordPress, profitable website design, and substantial experience with nonprofit online needs, free and low-cost resources available for nonprofits. Add that to my multi-project management skills and a commitment that you get the best look, functionality and tools for a successful website, online project or eBook, and you know you’ve found the best Digital Consultant in the Southeast.

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Jeff, Marketing Director

“Building our website was indeed an adventure! I learned a lot and look forward to continuing to enhance the site now that I know what I’m doing. All the feedback I received from the people here was positive and all said it looked good and WAY better than our current site. I do appreciate all the time you took to help me with it, your input, etc. you probably spent more time than you normally do helping, but I couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve been great.”

Kenya, Entrepreneur

I’m so appreciative of your help and glad to have chosen to work with you and your team. You’re exceptionally gifted and a joy to work with! The level of patience you had in walking me through the “how tos” of accomplishing web design tasks. I don’t think I would have found anywhere else. I’m very much inspired by your passion and presence in this field.

Steve, Nonprofit Executive Director

“Wonderful! It’s a beautiful site and thank you so much for your work and for navigating our “design by committee” approach that I am sure had to be frustrating. You are so great to work with.”

Ross, Executive Director

“How do I begin to thank you for all the great things you are doing for me and IOPL? It’s hard….if not impossible! You were a slam dunk hit with the students this year – “More Sue Polinsky, please!” was on many of their evaluations! I know why! I am so looking forward to the webinar, and, again, thank you for taking so much of your personal time to help us.”

Cheryl, Foundation Board President

“We have had a donation from someone using a PC, a tablet and a smartphone. They all worked! At yesterday’s Board meeting there were many compliments about the new web design and the ease of use in a mobile environment. While I was the recipient of all this praise, I know that it really goes to you and your team. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Daniel, Volunteer

Thank you so much for all of your help with our two main projects this year and our new community bulletin on Discourse. I really appreciate the good stewardship of our projects, and the expertise and good customer service that you and your team bring to bear. We are always aiming to make our existing programs better for our members and to try out new things, and your help enabled us to do that. It is really a pleasure working with you all, so please tell your team that we are really appreciative and grateful!

Rebecca, Marketing Director

Sue, just a note to say I’m very happy with how this page turned out AND with the changes you have made since our meeting. I would love to have a list of the names of the people who have worked on our site so I can thank them individually when we finish this…

What Can a Digital Consultant Do For You?


eBook Publishing
I am an eBook editor and have custom templates that work.


Legal Consulting
I am an experienced legal consultant for research and depositions.


Nonprofit Expert
I have decades of experience working with nonprofits & know where the free stuff is!


Webinar Leader
I lead successful and entertaining online workshops and webinars.


WordPress Trainer
I show you how to edit your WordPress website. You’ll be able to change copy, add pictures and links. And a lot more!


Website Maven
I help figure out what you want your website to do before you build it. Broken site? I’ll send you to a trusted team to fix it.