Sue Polinsky is a WordPress Specialist, Digital Strategist and Online Design expert who provides digital strategy consulting services to businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, political candidates and ecommerce sites across the U.S. And she’s done all of that for 24 years. Before you start that online project, get in touch with me to make sure the firm you’re considering hiring to build your website will deliver what you expect, what you want, what you need and what you can afford.

Digital Strategy Helps Your Online Project Succeed

Need help with eBook publishing or a broken website?
Sue Polinsky, Digital Consultant and Speaker
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Why Digital Strategy Consulting?

I’ve built and managed the development of hundreds of websites and I work with fabulous WordPress website developers.

I’ve retired from building websites, but I’ll get you to the best firm to build your WordPress website, increase your SEO and help you build online marketing campaigns.

Contact Sue Polinsky before you start that online project! My digital strategy experience and skills with all things online, including websites, eBooks and legal consulting can save you time, worry and money!

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Get Experienced Digital Strategy for Your Project!

From discovery to launch, I’ll help you through every step

The Four Ds of Successful Digital Strategy

Meet Sue Polinsky, Digital Consultant and Speaker

eBook problems? Too much geek speak? WordPress issues?

I’ve probably seen it before and can usually help!

Tired of being on the phone with a web developer - contact Sue Polinsky for website help

Tired of being on hold with your “online specialist?”

Sue answers her own phone!

Getting “geeky” or too-technical replies that add up to no help at all?

Sue translates “geek speak” into plain speak.

Upset man with online problems - contact Sue Polinsky for digital consulting
Is your online project or eBook frustrating and keeping you from your real job?

Is your project frustrating and
keeping you from doing your real job?

I’ll help get your eBook or online project done and online!

Did your eBook or website end up below your expectations?

I can diagnose the problem and
help get it fixed.

Did your eBook or online project fail to deliver what you expected?

Sue Polinsky has consulted and participated in legal depositions. I advised for trial preparation for technology cases. My ability to “translate” technical jargon into plain English is a long-term developed skill. My areas of expertise include:

  • DNS – domain registration, ownership, disputed domains
  • “Stolen” websites and website content
  • Web Developer contracts
  • Websites – web hosting, backups, security, site ownership
  • Client Expectations – did the site meet the client’s expectations
  • Compromised Passwords – password best practices
  • 2 Factor Authentication – best practices for online security
  • SSL Certificates – reasonable online information transfer

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