Guest Speaker: Dr. Sue Polinsky is a guest speaker for businesses, boards, civic and religious groups, and nonprofits.

Sue Polinsky, guest speaker, mentors students
Sue Polinsky mentors the young women of the Queens group.

Want an Entertaining Guest Speaker for Your Group?

Sue is invited to be a guest speaker to multiple audiences. She’s both informative and funny and captures her audience’s attention – and keeps it – during her timely talks. Speaking from her real life story, Sue includes her extensive business, technology, education and nonprofit experiences in her talks.

From school students to C-Suite board members, Sue can walk your group through useful learning experiences that are designed specifically for your goals.

What Topics Does Sue Polinsky Speak About?

Sue is an entertaining and engaging public guest speaker, whether in person or virtually on Zoom.

Her topics include Board workshops about website SEO, how to improve your website, nonprofit free and low-cost tools, social media for politicians and campaign managers, technology that helps caregivers, online presence for job seekers, cleaning up your social media accounts, technology for aging in place and much more!

Sue Polinsky was the founder and guest speaker at the ConvergeSouth conference.
Sue Polinsky speaks at a full house during ConvergeSouth.

Where Has Sue Polinsky Been a Guest Speaker?

Civic and Religious Groups

Sue Polinsky, Chair of ConvergeSouth for 10 years
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Jaycees
  • Women’s Forums
  • TEDxGreensboro TEDWomen
  • Artist Coalitions
  • Vatikim (Seniors)
  • Young Professionals
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Community Events

Political / Candidates

Sue Polinsky Guest Speaker
  • Open Democracy Project
  • Libertarian Party
  • IOPL (non-partisan)
  • Political Party Online Strategy
  • Candidate social media campaigns
  • Campaign social media training

Nonprofits & NGOs

Sue Polinsky, Social Media Training for candidates and campaign managers
  • How to raise money online
  • SCORE Small Business Workshop
  • Entrepreneurial Center Web Strategy
  • Tech Solutions for Aging
  • Gesher Project Online Branding
  • Guilford Consortium Tech Talks
  • UNCG Entrepreneurs Online Profiles
  • GNPC Tech Thursdays

Businesses & Boards

Sue Polinsky, Guest Speaker Board Training
  • TEDxGreensboro Steering Committee
  • ConvergeSouth Founder
  • Participatory Budgeting Commission
  • Social Media Training
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Tech Ed center Museum Board
  • How to write website copy
  • Tech Solutions for Caregivers

Topics and Presentation Examples

SUE POLINSKY, GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Sue Polinsky, guest speaker for businesses, boards, nonprofits and at several conferences. Topics include website redesign and rescue, website security, SEO, best nonprofit online practices, web strategy, WordPress technology, graphics, raising money online and a lot more. An accomplished presenter, my talks are interesting, fun and interactive.

Businesses, Board Meetings, Retreats

Guest speaker topics include professional improvement, new AdWord campaigns, Facebook ad strategy, pre-RFP consulting, Google Analytics.

Association Meetings and Training

Guest speaker topics include membership websites, website security, WordPress website editing, website best practices, WordPress tips and tricks.

Sue Polinsky, TEDxGreensboro Moderator

Conferences, Keynotes, and Session Leader

Guest speaker topics include: web trends, advanced WordPress tips and tricks, website editing, WP Bakery Builder editing, resizing and cropping images.

Civic Groups, Nonprofits Keynote and Lunch Meetings

Guest speaker topics include WordPress “disasters” and recovery, Google Analytics for business and nonprofits, how to raise money online for nonprofits, how to improve SEO.

What They’re Saying About Sue Polinsky

Guest Speaker

I’m Sue Polinsky and am happy to meet you! As a WordPress consultant and strategist for more than 23 years, I have talked to – and with – a variety of groups about all kinds of subjects.

I’ve led technical webinars that answer real-people questions like “how do I do this thing?” and “make me understand my Analytics,” through “can I make people see my website?” At the end of all of them, viewers become interactors and know how to do, fix or set up whatever online tool they are interested in.

No one has had their “head explode” in one of my webinars from too much information! In fact, they usually invite me back for a next-level talk. Set up a call to talk over your presentation needs or use the contact form to get in touch.

Cheryl, Foundation Board President

“We have had a donation from someone using a PC, a tablet and a smartphone. They all worked! At yesterday’s Board meeting there were many compliments about the new web design and the ease of use in a mobile environment. While I was the recipient of all this praise, I know that it really goes to you and your team. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Lucy, Comptroller

“Did I tell your how much we appreciated your particular help with the issue we had at hand? Your help was huge for us, and most will never know all the details. Your insight, expertise, and support gave us a priceless amount of comfort with the difficult task we had on our plates.”

Kenya, Entrepreneur

I’m so appreciative of your help and glad to have chosen to work with you and your team. You’re exceptionally gifted and a joy to work with! The level of patience you had in walking me through the “how tos” of accomplishing web design tasks. I don’t think I would have found anywhere else. I’m very much inspired by your passion and presence in this field.

Melissa, Foundation

I wanted to share with you that he (our intern) gave a brief presentation this afternoon on what he learned over the summer. He spoke highly of you and the said that he learned so much through the experience of working with you on the website. Thank you for your guidance, your patience, and sharing your expertise with him.

Ross, Executive Director

“How do I begin to thank you for all the great things you are doing for me and IOPL? It’s hard….if not impossible! You were a slam dunk hit with the students this year – “More Sue Polinsky, please!” was on many of their evaluations! I know why! I am so looking forward to the webinar, and, again, thank you for taking so much of your personal time to help us.”