Why you need a WordPress expert

Dr. Sue Polinsky is a WordPress Consultant, Website Design  expert who has provided expert WordPress consulting to businesses, individuals, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, political candidates and influencers across the United States for 24 years.

Before you build that website, schedule a FREE call with Sue to make sure your WordPress strategy and build is with the right development team, will end up in what you expect and need and will cost what you can afford. Sue will get you the right team to build your site and take care of it going forward.

What can I help with? If it’s WordPress, I can help!

Get a WordPress expert! Need help with eBook publishing or a broken website? Hire a Digital Consultant who is a WordPress expert.
Digital Consultant and WordPress Maven - Dr. Sue Polinsky

WordPress Expert & Digital Maven

As a WordPress expert, online consultant and digital strategist for more than 24 years, I am a WordPress pro. I know how to plan and build profitable websites. I know where the free and low-cost nonprofit resources are. Add that to my multi-project management skills, I make sure that you get the team that will build the best look and feel, use the right tools tools and move you to a successful website build or an online project or eBook.

Let’s talk and you will know you’ve found the best WordPress Digital Consultant in the Southeast.

WordPress Fix & Repair

  • Update, change and add menus
  • Add, edit and change photos and video
  • Get your site to use Best Practices
  • Figure out how to make your site faster
  • Show you how to increase your SEO

WordPress Strategy

  • Help choose the architecture (theme, tools)
  • Make sure the site is backed up
  • Fix website security issues, like SSL
  • Determine how your message is displayed
  • Brand the site to your business/organization

Nonprofit Expertise

Nonprofits: Want to raise more money online? Find donors in new demographics?

I can show you how to increase donors and donations online. My 24 years’ experience has given me practical knowledge of the special nonprofit online fundraising needs. I know what works in online giving – and what doesn’t – and can help your nonprofit raise more money online and have more successful targeted giving campaigns.

Meet the Nonprofit Wizard

If it’s discounted or free for nonprofits, I know about it! I can help you get low-cost and sometimes free online tools for your 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

What software is free or discounted for nonprofits?

  • Website calendars with free recurring events (free!)
  • Software (like Microsoft Office, heavily discounted)
  • QuickBooks for Nonprofits (heavily discounted)
  • Discounted Adobe Creative Suites (discounted)
  • Image optimizers for your website (free!)
  • And a lot more! Contact me to see if you qualify.
Thinking about your nonprofit? Sue Polinsky can help!

Successful Online Projects and Website Examples

K2ProEvents Website - use a WordPress expert's advice for a successful site


Website rebuild to add services and promote the business. Dramatic look and feel with intuitive navigation to find what the visitor wants and connect with K2. Visit the site.

National Folk Festival - WordPress expertise helps your result be what you want!

National Folk Festival

Custom website build for the National Folk Festival’s three-year run. Integrated the site with the festival’s performer, housing and vendor software.

Carolina Theatre - WordPress experts can make your ecommerce site work flawlessly

Carolina Theatre

My team built the original site and later added significant custom programming to add a new ticketing system that matched the site’s layout and colors. Visit the site.

Park Center Management - get digital strategy from an experienced WordPress expert!

Park Center Management

Designed and built a custom rent payment site for a property management company that integrates with their payment software. Visit the site.

Economic Opportunity Funders - rebranding? Get a WordPress Expert's advice

EOF Network

Rebranded a national nonprofit and developed a new logo. The site is now a membership site with members-only content. The site is easily maintained by a single user Visit the site.

Crown Companies - get help from a WordPress strategist!

Crown Companies

Built an online property management system for commercial real estate firm with available and sold listings. Custom tools enable prospectus downloads and user registration. Visit the site.

Casa Azul - multi-language site? Talk to a WordPress expert first

Casa Azul

Designed and built a community organization website with distinctive colors and easy navigation for bilingual visitors.

Greensboro History Museum - get help from a WordPress expert!

Greensboro History Museum

Managed the Museum’s build for main site and archives. Integrated slideshows and archive cross references. Visit the site.

Copper Seed Coach - get help from a WordPress consultant!

Copper Seed Coach

Entrepreneurial site with branding that includes two gateways for businesses and individuals. View the site.

Guilford Nonprofit Consortium - get helpful digital strategy from a WordPress expert!

Guilford Nonprofit Consortium

Managed the site rebuild to add an interactive Jobs Board, membership dues and payments system, Financial Help desk and full member management. Visit the site.

WordPress Expert Training

All you need to know is where they hide what you want to do in WordPress. As a decades-long WordPresser, I’ve found all the regular hiding places!

DECADES OF EXPERIENCE: I’ve done online training for years and it works very well virtually.

RECORDINGS: We record the sessions and they are yours to review. I’ve trained countless site updaters how to use WordPress online.

I CAN SHOW YOU HOW: If your website is close to “normal,” I can help you learn how to:

  • Edit text on pages
  • Add/remove pages from the menu
  • Add new testimonials
  • Add new pages and posts
  • Change font sizes and use “H” tags
  • Update the footer
  • Enhance/upgrade the sidebars
  • Add SEO tools to your site
  • Check/add Google Analytics to your site
  • Add/change pictures and best practices
  • How to use SEO tools effectively
  • Check site security and suggest tools
  • Add and edit links
  • Change the font size sitewide
  • Clean up “orphan” pages and posts
  • Update events / add a calendar
  • Check for unusual users
  • Do a site health checkup

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