Why we don't use templates on WordPress websites

4 Reasons We Don't Use Templates on Our Websites

Buying a website with a limited number of pages that uses a predesigned template is not what we build. I’ve never recommended templated sites. Yes, they can be cheaper, but websites from templates are “you get what you pay for.”

Who’s going to fix the site if the template breaks? What happens if WordPress updates and the template no longer works? And more importantly, who are you going to call when your site gets hacked?

1. Many templates are coded badly

Online website stores that sell WordPress templates generally use the same base code. They may move things around a little and change the colors, but they’re often using the same underlying code. Eventually, that code is going to create sites that are vulnerable to hackers. You never know when they will issue an update or a fix. We prefer sites that use custom-coded themes and are backed up by talented professionals.

2. Your site will look like a lot of other sites.

Template stores like to advertise their sales. If they’ve sold 10,000 designs, then there are 10,000 sites that will look like yours. Your business or organization is unique; your website should reflect your special brand. A custom theme will make your brand stand out and be memorable to your visitors and customers.

3. Your message is distinctive.

Your website’s look and feel has to be as bold and special as your online message and the products you may sell. Most templates don’t have the flexibility to display your unique message to your target audience to get the results you want, whether that’s sales or donations. A custom theme design makes your site stand out from the rest.

4. Your site has a back end.

A solidly built website has a back end where you may log in and add new text and pictures. If your site is built on cheap templates, then you may discover you can’t edit it easily. Or worse, you can’t add a video or a PDF. The sites we recommend have customized back ends that take into account how you will edit the site going forward so it works for you for years into the future.