7 Common eBook Author Mistakes

  1. Is your ebook too long?
  2. Are you charging too much for your ebook? Or too little?
  3. Did you set up your book to be a series?
  4. Should you offer a class or webinar to promote your ebook?
  5. Did you forget about marketing your ebook?
  6. Is your ebook’s formatting “all messed up?”
  7. Do you have a sales funnel for your ebook?
6 eBook Steps

*6 Steps to your eBook

How I can help publish your eBook

US readers spent a collective $75 million on ebooks, just in January, 2020. With the current pandemic that requires social distancing, demand is sure to increase for all eBook readers – children, work-from-home, and staycations. It looks like ebook publishing may become the new normal for how we read books. You can get in on this boom and take the 6 steps to get your ebook published. This post will walk you through how to publish an ebook in 6 pretty easy steps.

eBook Publishing Steps

Your book is ready and now you want to publish it as an eBook. Let’s look at the steps:

Step 1

Write a good book! Make sure it’s a strong book and all errors are corrected. Did you get extra eyes to proofread it or make editing suggestions? Are you using any illustrations or photos? If yes, what will they look like to a reader? I can work with you to make sure the book is proofread and can solve your photo/illustration eBook questions.

Step 4

Set up your publishing account at KDP (Kindle) or use an aggregator to upload your ebook and associated info just once and submit it to a number of online sellers like Bookbaby – Draft2Digital – PublishDrive – Smashwords

Step 2

Get the right template for your book. Pay attention to special Word requirements.

Step 5

Upload and preview your book. Get another set of eyes to proof it for you. Small mistakes are a disaster!

Step 3

Get the perfect bookcover. eBook covers have to look great whether it’s large or small. That’s very different from print book covers.

Step 6

Build your team for the book launch, create some PR for it and choose your publication date. You can pre-sell eBooks.

Let's Get Started on Your eBook

How I Help Publish Your eBook

The steps are easy but the decisions you have to make when publishing can be very confusing. I can help you sort through the decisions, make good choices and publish your eBook. Let’s look at some decisions you have to make:

  • Is Microsoft Word your editor? Don’t be surprised after you upload your book that was written in Microsoft Word that it looks “weird” in places like line breaks, unusual spacing and other teeth clenching problems. I can get you a proper book editing app or even one online to enable easier uploads when your book is done.
  • Which platform? This is your hardest decision – do you want to publish only on Amazon or do you want to publish to other online booksellers? I can guide you through the pricing, rules and pros and cons of a particular book selling platform.
  • How much? What price are you selling your book for? Too high and you’ll drive away buyers. Too low and you’re giving it away and losing money. I can help you set a fair price that will provide good royalties.
  • Patience before publishing. You have to proofread your book carefully to make sure there are no silly errors. When you invest so much of yourself in writing, it’s hard to proof it professionally. That’s where I come in: we have extra eyes to proof your copy, spelling, punctuation and everything else that generates an eBook that you can be proud of.
  • Book covers for eBooks. Making an attractive and eye-catching book cover for an eBook needs artistic talent. Many authors prefer to use photos on their book covers instead of a solid color and text. What kind of book over do you have in mind?
  • Books have metadata. You should gather your metadata before you start the publishing process. You need to determine the book’s title, category (who’s your audience?), niche, a book description, author bio and more. Metadata impacts your sales and I can help you get it right.