7 important things to put into your email newsletter

tl;dr Keep your newsletter short and simple. Make sure you include an action –  a link –  so your readers click and learn more or register for an event or donate or buy something. Tell them briefly about your organization, engage them with something fun or different, talk about your team, highlight an upcoming event. Let’s take a look at specific things you should include in your email newsletter.

1. Tell them who you are.

Include or link to any favorable articles in the press or on social media about your group. Have you received an award? An organization milestone or anniversary? Do you have positions open? Make your organization personal with a behind-the-scenes look and share what you do and who you help.

2. Make it interactive. And fun.

People like lists: add a Top 10 list about a new product or upcoming event. Include a survey or poll that drives readers to your website and be sure to follow up with a “results” email for the poll or survey they just completed. Think about a “must have” app that your group uses and share it with your readers. Of course, add a video screencap and link to the video on your own YouTube channel.

3. Your team is great. Highlight them.

Your newsletter readers likely interact with your organization and staff, so why not highlight one of them in a newsletter? Bring a face to people who usually interact by phone with a short writeup about a hobby or an achievement. Add a link to your Google Reviews for readers to click and write a review about that staff member. Here’s how to create a link for your Google Reviews.

4. Use newsletters to provide support.

Want to cut down on calls and emails for help or support? Put that into your newsletter. Add an FAQ for something your clients often ask. Tell a customer care story and its resolution. Add a short before-and-after case study. And always offer free resources, like links, guides and white papers.

5. Add engagement opportunities.

Use your newsletter to let people know of an interesting meet-up you attend and encourage them to join the group at Meetup.com. If there’s an upcoming online event, put an early bird notice into your newsletter. Get feedback by adding a link to a survey on your website and call or reply to the readers who ask a question.

6. Write a great subject line.

We send and receive too much email. Be sure yours makes it past the quick-scan of subject lines that we all do. Use an eye-catching and unique subject line. Keep it short, about five words, and use crisp and catchy words. Some bulk email tools (like Mailchimp) will evaluate your subject line and make recommendations. Make sure you use them.

7. Newsletter design and mobile.

Newest statistics say that 75% of readers check their email on a mobile device. Make sure your email is mobile-friendly. Skip the page background images. If your business or nonprofit sends regular bulk mail, design a custom template that focuses on your brand. Use that template for brand identity – so readers know who you are whether on mobile or desktop.