5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website

5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website

1. WordPress is pliant. Flexible.

WordPress adapts to the website you want to build. What started out as a platform for blogging has grown over the years to be able to build even major companies’ websites. At the same time, WordPress has always had the individual, entrepreneur and small business at heart. And if you want to grow your website? WordPress websites can add ecommerce, membership systems and more with just a few clicks.

2. WordPress is friendly to search engines out of the box.

The code that builds WordPress is strong. Sites built on WordPress meet standards and creates the kind of output that Google and other search engines appreciate. For more SEO results, there are SEO plugins that enhance your content and SEO results.

3. WordPress is universal and supported.

Because WordPress is open source, it’s constantly being developed. We have had to move websites from “closed” systems and “custom CMS” platforms when a vendor goes out of business or stops updating their closed systems. If you run into a problem, only the single developer of that system can help you. If there are problems or security issues, WordPress lets you, the site owner, decide who will help you fix it. And you get to choose who creates your site, who hosts it and who manages it.

4. Themes and Tools.

WordPress has a plethora of free and paid themes that can be customized in many ways. Your web developer can create almost any look for your site with WordPress’s built-in flexibility. There are hundreds of free and pro tools called plugins that add features and function to your site.

5. Multimedia is Built in.

WordPress lets you upload or embed media like pictures, video, charts and more. Sharing media is a trusted way to increase your site’s readership. Using sound design, your website can display videos, photography and more with simple techniques that are easy to learn.