Coined “Tech Mama” by Robert Scoble in 2006, the name has stuck and I’m beginning to like it. I tend to be still silent voice inside the development of civic projects in my adopted home of Greensboro, NC, and have been called a serial volunteer. I started the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover seven years ago, where we began by rebuilding a nonprofit’s website so they could do more good work for more needy people, and have been joined by 3 other local firms and received an annual grant from The Weaver Foundation for this project. It’s my way of giving back and paying my success forward.

I was an online enthusiast – Old Net Folk – before the Web was invented. I sent my first email in 1986 and grew professionally alongside every step the Internet took, from email to USENET newsgroups, through UNIX chat, on to moving files around the world via FTP, through the pain of the weird “http://” construction, and learning how to hand-code for these new-fangled “web pages.” All along this journey, I managed to raise two great kids, have been married 40 years, over-mother 2 rescue dogs and helped found a nationally-recognized conference called ConvergeSouth. I grew up professionally as the Internet expanded.

Sue Polinsky Technology Guest Speaker

I founded TechTriad, a web design and development firm that, through  a series of successfully managed growth steps, now offers both simple and complex hosting, social media, search engine optimization, self-editable WordPress and HTML sites, custom WordPress development and social media expertise and training. TechTriad has grown to a client base of more than 500, each of which receives the same personal attention no matter their size or profit/nonprofit status.

ENTERTAINING AND EXPERT SPEAKER I am now available for speaking engagements for conferences, private business strategy consulting (talk to me BEFORE you build that website!) and presentations for civic groups.