MumMumfie, the Rescue Dogfie – or Sir Mumford of Watauga – is my new rescue. After we lost our adored Cairn Terriers (Simcha, of old age and Shayna, of way too much disease for a little one), we swore we’d never get another dog. In fact, we donated ALL of our dog things (a pickup truck full) to Patriot Rovers, a wonderful charity that helps soldiers with PTSD. But not another dog; It’s too painful when they have to leave.

Then on a beautiful Friday morning, a client called to talk about upgrading a website for his retail business: a dog grooming and boarding place about 15 minutes from TechTriad’s global headquarters. Usually, I’d talk to a client on the phone but in this case, I needed a “fix” of “dog.” He also runs the nonprofit that trains therapy dogs for veterans with PTSD and I knew he had a new litter of Golden Retrievers, the cutest pups ever and I wanted to take a look. So I headed out there to talk about websites and see some dogs.

The website talk was fine. Then he thanked me for the donations and showed me a dog needing a home (he was nice, a little too big for our empty-nest needs and surprisingly deaf, which meant he didn’t bark). I declined. Then it happened. “You want a little dog, don’t you?” he asked. I nodded.

In a few minutes, one of his groomers plunked a tiny white Bichon Frise in my arms and I was done! Mumford was an owner surrender to the groomer, who was looking for a good home for the tiny 3-year old. And she just found one.

The rest, they say, is another story.